Friday, 4 March 2011

Wakey-Wakey Breakfast Fruit Bowl

Assorted fruit: I used pineapple, raspberries, cranberries, mango, banana, and organic, local apples

{150-200g} Alpro Plain Soya Yoghurt

note: this would be nice with a sprinkle of toasted nuts / cinnamon / flaxseed / cocoa nibs / crushed vegan choccie / vegan rich tea biscuits (most supermarkets have cheap packets that are vegan)/ granola... have a play

Chop fruit into bite-sized pieces.

Pretty organic apples from Cracked Wheat Organics , Newtown, Powys. A wonderful wholefood shop!

Make a well and spoon in the plain soya yoghurt.

Decorate with fruity pretties. And brew yourself a nice herbal tea. I pukka-ed up with love.

Come on, this wouldn't be a vegan food blog without a bad pun or two...

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