Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pecan and Banana Pancakes

Today, I left the house in just a cardigan. Hello spring. Good to see you.

{85g} plain flour
{3/4 tsp} baking powder
{3/4 tsp} bicarbonate of soda
{1/4 tsp} salt
{1/4 tsp} ground cinnamon
{3} bananas, mashed (plus an extra banana for filling)
{150ml} unsweetened soya milk
{1/2 tsp} apple cider vinegar
{1/2 tbsp} grapeseed oil 
{1/2 tsp} vanilla extract
{25g} pecan nuts
Cooking spray for the pan

1. Mix together the soya milk and vinegar - set aside for 5 minutes 

2. In a mixing bowl, sift the plain flour. Add the baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, salt, and cinnamon.

3. In mixing bowl #2, mash up the bananas and stir with the soya milk/vinegar, oil, and vanilla extract until fairly smooth.

4. Pour the wet ingredients over the dry. Throw in the pecan nuts and fold the mixtures together until 'just mixed.'

5. Heat up a frying pan with oil spray - medium/low heat. Pour three tbsp worth of pancake batter into the pan and cook until bubbles appear on the surface and the bottom is golden-brown (1-2 minutes). Flip the pancake and cook the otherside (1-2 minutes).

6. Slip on to a plate and cover loosely with foil to keep in the heat. And make more pancakes!

7. Serve with slices of banana and LOTS of maple syrup.

These pancakes made me so happy.

Yesterday, I made Cupcake Ninja my Toated Walnut Spaghetti. I also made some amazing garlic bread to go with it, but alas, we gobbled it all up before I could get any pictures.

Cooking casualties: one very burnt and peeling forearm. One very tahini covered shirt.

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