Saturday, 19 March 2011

Luxurious Hot Cocoa

 Oh, this is so good it's giving me a headache.

Or maybe that's just the blood loss talking.

Yes, I slit open my finger on the coconut milk can. Good news is, I haven't broken any crockery for at least 48 hours.

I think that's a new personal best.

WARNING: If you are vegan, and haven't had any heavy chocolate for a long time, this might put you in a cocoa coma.

Heed my words.

{3/4 cup} coconut milk
{3/4 cup} unsweetened soya milk
{1/4 cup} cocoa powder
Pinch sea salt
{3 tbsp} maple syrup

Garnishes: cacao nibs, vegan chocolate, vegan marshmallows. I didn't have any of these treats in my house; hence the naked hot chocolate.

Saucepan: heat up everything and whisk like a nutter. Serve and garnish.

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