Sunday, 20 March 2011

Creamy Dreamy Pearl Barley Risotto

It has been a good day for food, but an overwhelmingly bad day for university work. Too much eating, not enough typing! Ah well. Who needs a university degree when you have a food blog?

{½ cup} dry pearly barley
{2 cloves} garlic, crushed (2 cloves makes it quite garlicky, so if you’re not a big garlic fan, go for 1)
{1/2 cup} passatta
{1/2 cup} chopped tomatoes
{1 cup} soya milk
{¼ cup} water
{¼ cup and 4 tbsp} nutritional yeast
{1 tbsp} sweet white miso
{1 ¼ tsp} sea salt
{½ cup} raw cashews, processed
{1/2 tbsp} fresh lemon juice
{½ tsp} Dijon mustard
{¼ tsp} dried oregano
{¼ tsp} dried basil
{½ tsp} mixed herbs
{¼ tsp} turmeric powder
{¼ tsp} paprika
Freshly ground pepper

Inspired by Oh She Glows.

1. Process cashew nuts in a food blender until they reach a floury consistency.
2. Throw all of the ingredients into a crock pot (slow cooker). Cook on high for about 2 hours (until the barley is soft), stirring it with a spoon once or twice to make sure it's not sticking, and then serve.

Alternatively, you could cook this in a saucepan. Bring to boil. Cover and simmer on a low heat until the barley is soft and the sauce is thick. 35-45 minutes. Be aware: it sticks to the bottom of the pan very easily, so keep stirring every 10 minutes or so. 

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