Friday, 4 March 2011

Basic Caramelised Onion Houmous

{230g} drained chickpeas (tinned)
{55g} light tahini
{1 tbsp and 2 tsp} freshly squeezed lemon juice
{3/4 tsp} sea salt
{1 clove} garlic
{2 tbsp} vegetable oil
{2 and 1/2 tsp} water
{1 small} red onion, chopped small

Fry red onion until soft and brown - set aside. Cook chickpeas for a few minutes (per instructions on packet), drain and add to food blender. Chuck in all other ingredients, except the oil and water. Whizz it up. Stir. Add oil. Whizz it up. Stir. Add water and onions. Whizz it up. Leave to rest. Add a splash of water and a tiny bit of extra salt to make it creamy.

holy houmous!

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