Friday, 11 March 2011

Banana Sorbet With a Chocolate Shell

{2 - 2 and 1/2 cups} sliced banana, frozen
{2 tsp} vanilla extract
{1 cup} sweetened soy milk
{A few glugs} maple syrup, to taste
{25g} dairy-free chocolate buttons

Prepare the bananas in advance. Slice them up, put them in a suitable container and whack 'em in the freezer for a good few hours. I left mine in overnight. Blend them up with the vanilla extract, soy milk, and maple syrup until thick and creamy. Freeze in a tub or container for at least two hours without stirring. Again, I left mine overnight.

When the sorbet has set, put the chocolate buttons in a small, pyrex bowl, and place the bowl in a saucepan of hot water.

Heat on the stove, stirring the chocolate until it has melted.

Serve the sorbet and pour the chocolate on top.

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